August Product Update

Posted on August 19, 2015 by Patrick Sheegog

It's been a busy month with new invoice and bank features along with new services!

New Services

- Pin Payments is now out of beta! You can now integrate Pin Payments with QuickBooks Online or Xero. We're still refining minor details, so if you see something give us a shout.

- Square is now out of beta! Check out our integration with Square and QuickBooks Online or Xero.


- You can now create a new invoice and apply payments when a Stripe, Paypal, or Square charge goes through. Before we create that invoice we'll check to see if one with a matching invoice number exists in your accounting software. This is huge, as before we could only apply payments to an existing invoice in QuickBooks Online or Xero or create an invoice separately.

- You can now transfer bank account balances as credits and debits when a new charge is processed. This is now a feature we have exclusively for Xero. It's great if you have existing invoice and receipt integration that work with e-commerce sites but lack the proper reconciliation.

- The billing period will now show up in the the notes section for Stripe to QuickBooks Online sales receipts and invoices

- You can test your pipes with our test data before moving live data. Move some sample data to see how it looks in your system before you go live.

- We will now pull over invoice line items from Stripe. This means you can see your products in the invoices and sales receipts we create.

- We now search for the customer name as well as the email address in QuickBooks Online when matching new records to customers. 

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