Getting Started

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Why is there a discrepancy in my reports on certain days?

Because different services have their servers set to specific time zones, your daily reports may give different amounts because of the time difference. Change the time zone setting on your account page to reflect accurate PennyPipe reports.

When I try to connect my Stripe account I receive the error: "Only the primary user can submit the account application".

Your account is in test mode or you are not an admin in your Stripe account. We always try to connect in live mode and Stripe telling us that PennyPipe do not have permission to use your live account (which isn't setup).

Why am I getting double entries in Xero?

You may have a payment gateway enabled as a payment option in Xero. Because we are creating records of every transaction that occurs in your Stripe account we will double up with the invoice payments that your customers make with the Stripe payment option. Please disable your payment gateway as a payment option to avoid double entries. PennyPipe is designed to function best as an in-between for users with stores run by BigCommerce, Shopify, or custom built sales pages.

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