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Sync Time

This is the amount of time between our check for new charges, fees, refunds, etc.

We are constantly checking for new data and pushing that data to accounting services when we find it. The amount of time between checks varies so that you can select a polling period that works for your business purposes.


This is the number of charges that we will move per month included with your plan. Fees, refunds, etc are included at no additional cost.

What happens if you go over? No worries! The limit is a soft limit and PennyPipe will continue to copy your data into your accounting software. We will simply encourage you to upgrade to the appropriate plan when your usage indicates an upgrade is appropriate.

Sync on Demand

This feature allows you to sync data on demand. If you're wondering where your data is, or you simply need a transaction to clear immediately, a single button will queue your pipes for immediate delivery

Allowed Pipes

A "pipe" is the concept for a single connection between a payment gateway and an accounting provider (e.g. between Stripe and QuickBooks). If you have multiple payment gateways (e.g. Stripe and Paypal or multiple Stripe accounts), then you'll want to chose an account that allows unlimited pipes.