Why PennyPipe might be right for you

Posted on April 9, 2015 by Patrick Sheegog

Learn how PennyPipe compares to Snapy

Choosing how to integrate your payment gateway and accounting software is tough. We've noticed a number of our customers have given Snapy a try before they came to us and we'd like to offer a simple comparison of how PennyPipe differs from Snapy.  If you're debating what to do, we hope this article will give you an insight into features, pricing, and customer experiences.

PennyPipe moves more data

Need to move your refunds and separate fees associated with those refunds? PennyPipe can do this exclusively. When a refund comes through Stripe we'll not only log that as a refund in your accounting software, but we'll separate the fees so that they are included as a refunded expense. Snapy is limited to importing your bills, receipts and invoices, and then splitting those fees off.

Our customization allows you to only grab  the data you want.  When you create your initial integration on PennyPipe  you can modify and delete individual "pipes" for charges, fees, refunds, and fees associated with refunds.  Not only that, but we can work with the metadata from Stripe to create customer names based on that metadata. This is handy when customer names may not be consistent or accurate from the Stripe data you're receiving. 

PennyPipe is accurate, to the penny

Accuracy and consistency are important when it comes to your accounting data. We make it our priority to sort your data the way you want and as described. Snapy has a feature that will automatically grab your historic data from the beginning of the year as an automated part of their service. While we will also grab your data, we do it in a one-on-one process. This is to make sure your year's worth of data looks exactly right before we move it. 

Historic transfers are complicated, and if fields or accounts are not sorted correctly than those errors can only be deleted by hand in QuickBooks Online or Xero. We want everything to be right the first time. While we do charge $99 for transfers, we believe the value for accuracy is worth it.  We have heard a few horror stories in our time.

PennyPipe has personal and responsive customer service

PennyPipe is easy to reach. We're here to personally answer your questions when you need us. If you want to try us out, you don't even need  to enter a credit card. Alternatively, Snapy requires a credit card before you can start moving data. 

"You guys are great! Your solution works. The setup is easy. But most importantly, I have been very impressed with your customer service. You have responded to all emails in less than 24h and when we had somewhat non-traditional and more involved question, you called to make sure things are clear."

Marek Brejl   www.codingwithkids.com


We want you to be in control of your data, and you have the freedom to cancel your trial without contacting us. If our integration isn't for you, it's easy to pause your pipe or we'll automatically stop moving data when your trial is up.

If you'd like to get started you can sign up here. We're ready to work with you and move the data you need.