Weekly update 4/5 - 4/12

Posted on April 12, 2015 by Patrick Sheegog

Some quick updates this week for PennyPipe. 

We added some new features:

- You can now select "cost of goods sold"  from available expense accounts.

- Meta data can be used from Stripe to populate the "customer name" field. This is best for users that don't have consistent customer names coming in from Stripe.

Revamped home page:

- Ditched a bunch of text to show off our features in a simple layout.

- Created a new homepage graphic to better display what we do 

Misc fixes:

- Our contact form was giving occational errors upon submit, that's all fixed now.

We always love feedback on our new features and changes to PennyPipe. You can reach out to support@pennypipe.com with your thoughts.

Happy piping!