Product Update 5/30 - 6/9

Posted on June 9, 2015 by Patrick Sheegog

Stripe connect plays nice and we can create invoices from charges


-We now fully integrate with Stripe Connect. The application fee will be an expense, and the charge will be a sales receipt or invoice depending on your settings.

-Speaking of invoices, you can now have the option to save charges as invoices with applied payments instead of just sales receipts. You can even make the Stripe fee a line-item of that invoice if you like.

- A timezone option is now available in your "account" section

- Renewing your account's card information on file can now be done through your "account" section 


-Started work on a new landing page for our friends over at XU Magazine - look for more on that soon!

-Refined how we handle currency and added some extra code to ensure customers are assigned the correct currency codes.