The Data Silo Problem

Posted on December 8, 2014 by Andy Jones

Charges, fees, refunds, invoices, sales receipts - this is all your data for your business. We firmly believe that your data belongs to you.

Allow me to take two specific services as an example that we connect with StripePipe - Stripe and Quickbooks. Quickbooks and Stripe hold your data and are wonderful services. However, they don't talk to each other. Your data now lives in a silo that belongs to Quickbooks, Stripe, Facebook, or whichever faceless company that lives in the cloud. If you want to move data from one service to the other, problems immediately appear. The data is no longer in your hands to transform as you wish. 

There are many good reasons for trusting these services with your data, despite the number of security breaches we hear about in the news. The concepts of access anywhere, the virtual office, and automated backs and saves are all enabled by having services in the cloud. By holding all our data in this amorphous cloud, we can seamlessly move data between them. We're just not quite there yet. 

All these services offer an API which is a fantatic way for a programmer to talk to a website. A programmer can write a program to read your data, write your data, and transform it in between. This is all well and good, but, I'd wager most folks do not want to learn Python, PHP, along with a suite of other concepts just to move their accounting data around online. This is where StripePipe steps in. We'll do the programming so you don't have to. automates many of the comment elements between Quickbooks, Stripe, and many other accounting and payment gateways. Specifically, we'll copy charges, fees, and refunds into the right Quickbooks elements. We connect two data silos together to form one synchronized view of your data. Use the right tool for the job - your data will appear correctly in both. 

Quickbooks and Stripe individually are wonderful at what they do. Each website has its own domain of expertise. There is no one website that does everything, or works in all situations. This specialization allows us to be very good at our own domain. We'll bridge the gap between these wonderful tools so you don't have to. 

Whether you think of us as a information highway, a road, a pipe, some mess of wires, or a virtual handy man, we move your data to the right places. 

Get the word out. Our customers our always our greatest inspiration. Sign up for for free, see if it works for you. If you run into any issues let us know at, or 888-404-2904. We're happy to help!