StripePipe is now PennyPipe!

Posted on January 10, 2015 by Patrick Sheegog

On Friday we rebranded our site from StripePipe to PennyPipe! We're excited about the change and reason why we did it. We can't quite say yet, but stay posted and we'll have an update for you next week. The most important thing is that our website had a very smooth transition over to the new domain with our core functionality working. There are probably, definitely, a couple things we haven't found yet so if you want to take part in the "where did the website screw-up in the domain change" treasure hunt we always appreciate emails with screenshots :) 

We'll be updating some of the site's visuals and wording over the weekend so if you see things shift around, know that it's not a website chupacabra... it's just us. (Although a website chupacabra might be exciting)

Enjoy your weekend - we'll have more to say on Monday!