Stripe integration with Xero is coming

Posted on March 24, 2015 by Patrick Sheegog


Our lead developer, Andy, has been working pretty hard on our new Stripe integration with Xero and we're almost ready to show it off! This integration will be similar to our QuickBooks Online integration, just Xero style. We love to integrate with Xero's system because we don't have to deal with sales receipts, expenses, just bank transactions. Take a look at what our Stripe integration with Xero can do:

When a charge occurs in Stripe we will 

  • Create a bank transaction for the full amount of the charge on the account of your choosing
  • Create a bank transaction for fees, and deduct the amount of the fee

When a refund occurs in Stripe we will 

  • Create a bank transaction for the amount refunded
  • Create a seperate bank transaction for the expense refunded.

This new Stripe integration with Xero comes standard with our easy to use interface and daily reporting system.  We'll have an update soon once Xero is live. Until then, if you have questions feel free to reach out to me directly or give a call to 1 888 404 2904

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