How is our Square integration better

Posted by Patrick Sheegog

We added Square to our list of supported payment gateways this week!

Let's compare the PennyPipe integration to Square's Official integration with QuickBooks Online.

+ They import data manually once per day (unless you set up a separate sync tool). Every day at midnight PST, the day's Square transactions are available for import - we're real time, all automatic
+ No historical data is available for them - we'll move historical data for a $99 fee
+ QuickBooks Online uses a "Square Funds" deposit account with no ability to change this - we allow full customization
+ They don't track the actual transfers of funds to a real bank account - this is a planned feature for us
+ No reports beyond those available with Quickbooks tools - you can't really see what their tool is doing
+ They don't support multiple accounts - we support unlimited 
Our integration's priorities have always been customer focused from the start, and I think that's why we really stand out.