How to handle taxes (API edition)

Posted on February 2, 2015 by Patrick Sheegog

Happy tax season! 

Speaking of taxes, we were polishing up some code over the weekend so that PennyPipe handles taxes even better. We're learning boat-loads regarding what our users care about as we keeping making PennyPipe better. 

Andy, our developer, has experience coding in the financial world so this kind of work comes to him pretty quickly. However, throw in tax rules on top of API syntax and you've got yourself a real pain. Our recent updates make sure that "inclusive tax",  "exclusive tax", and plain old regular "no tax" all gets set properly for each charge and refund that goes through your payment gateway. Each tax has specific rules associated with them and it gets to be a little complicated.  Take our word for it and let us do the heavy lifting :) .

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