Test your pipe

This is the test data that PennyPipe sends to your accounting software. All test charges are in your default currency of usd and tests will not show up in your delivery reports on PennyPipe.

  • name: Joe Raptor
  • date: -the date you clicked the "test" button-
  • last 4: 1234
  • address1: 1234 Raptor Pen Rd.
  • city: Site B
  • state: Isla Nublar
  • zip: 91210
  • country: Costa Rica
  • charge: $12.34
  • refund: $12.34
  • fee: $0.62
  • bank transfer amount: $50.00
  • application fee: $12.34
  • invoice number: test_charge_[timestamp]
  • line item object: pennypipe-test-item
  • description: testcharge (this will be the charge_id in live charges)
How do I remove the test data from your accounting software?

This is something you'll need to do manually since we can't delete data in your accounting software with the API.

1. Delete the sales receipt, invoice, journal entry, expense, or bank transaction

2. Delete Joe Raptor and Jane Raptor as customers

More questions about getting set up? Check out the resources below: